As many of you have already discovered, the new MYLO website is a fun, challenging and varied way to supplement your in-class MFL time. And Ballard has been performing superbly in the national tables, at one point topping the standings for overall average score per pupil taking part!

Of course, the average will suffer whenever a new player joins the site - as long as that player's score remains below the school's average. So the crucial thing is, once you get started, GET AS MANY POINTS AS POSSIBLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! And then keep going back for more!

PS the key thing to do to get even more points is to go in for "challenges", and submit your efforts to me for assessment. Not many students have done this yet - but you will get lots of "kudos" if you do!

So come on - let's get those points rolling in! Several of my teacher colleagues on Twitter keep giving me hassle about beating Ballard - and I keep saying "not a chance", so don't let me down!

PS I have put your group code on your class page...